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What differentiates Jodi365 from typical matrimonial sites and casual dating apps

Jodi365 caters to quality singles

And is designed to weed out riff-raff.

No frivolous browsing here

We don't indulge time-pass seekers.

Matching people, not bio data

We help to ensure true compatibility.

As seen in

Giving a 'cool' twist to arranged marriages

5 innovative startups that can help you find your Valentine

Breaking matrimonial stereotypes

Exclusive Matchmaking Partner,
IIM Bangalore, 2017

Jodi365 has even been accessed from inside the Obama White House!

Official Matchmaking Partner,
IIT Madras Alumni Association, 2012–16

Why our users chose Jodi365

  • When I first read that Jodi365 is a different kind of site, I wasn't sure about it. But now I am actually impressed by the differences. What I like the most is that you are not like a partner shopping catalogue in which my profile is displayed to all.
    - Riya
  • Compatibility is important to me, but profiles on matrimonial sites seem to be largely managed by parents. That makes it difficult for me to understand the person. Leave that, you don't even know if the person is involved and has taken the pains to create a profile. On Jodi365, the kind of questions I was asked shows that the site is largely for educated people. It instantly resonated with me!
    - Mandavi
  • The SecureStages interaction was the best part, since it allows you to talk to people without paying anything or sharing a mail address.
    - Natasha
  • A news article about online marriage websites had a reference to Jodi365. I am not ready for marriage, but am at the stage where I am ready to start looking for someone. I like your approach, which is a good alternative to others, and appreciate the service.
    - Amitanshu
  • I want someone who is serious about marriage and commitment and [Jodi365] seems to offer me that.
    - Tara
  • I came to know about Jodi365 through a close friend. I like that it caters to the elite segment and is not just another dating or matrimonial website. I would like to find a suitable match for myself, as a friend for starters...
    - Anubhav
  • I just want to try and see if this is any different and good. I have no trust in the dating / matrimonial sites. Also, it's hard to find people with a cosmo outlook in today's India!
    - Sandeep
  • I am tired of matrimonial sites like, bharatmatrimony, etc. which are all just based on superficial details like religion, caste, language, etc, and have no options for those who don't believe in such things and are looking for a like-minded partner irrespective of such parameters. I really like your approach and will soon join.
    - N.
  • I am done with the club/bar dating scene and ready to settle down. I also like the new approach that Jodi365 is providing. This eliminates wasting a lot of time with the wrong person.
    - Shivang
  • Am looking for a matchmaking site that blends tradition with modernity.
    - Prakhar

For whom is Jodi365

Jodi365 appeals to people of diverse religious views and cultural affinities:

Hindu | Muslim | Christian | Sikh | Jain | Buddhist | Parsi, or even no religion

Bengali | Gujarati | Hindi | Kannada | Malayalee | Marathi | Oriya | Punjabi | Sindhi | Tamil | Telugu and more, including multi-cultural backgrounds

We also provide a premium matchmaking service, by invitation, to quality singles who would welcome personalized assistance

About Jodi365

Jodi365 is not the typical matrimonial site. It is not a frivolous Indian dating app, either. Rather, it is a next-generation matchmaking platform that helps educated, quality singles to find the right match – whether they are ready for marriage in the near term or want to get to know someone as friends first.

Conceived in Chicago.   Created in Chennai.
Catering to educated Indian singles worldwide.

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